Monday, April 4, 2011

Wavetrac LSD: 100% More Driven Wheels!

We installed a Wavetrac limited-slip rear differential in the shop 335i, and it really changes the way the car drives.  By no means does it eliminate tire spin or slip -- it can't perform miracles -- but when the rear end does give way, both wheels are spinning, not just one.  Those annoying one-wheel burnouts, which seemed to happen every time I drove the car, have been replaced my much-less-frequent small episodes of rear-end-hip wiggling as the tires struggle a little before hooking up together.  Another benefit is the elimination of the strange left-right-left jerkiness that was the result of the stock "e-diff" braking action attempting to get control of the one-wheel tire spinning.

By now we're getting pretty good at the differential swaps on these cars.  Give us a call and we can put one in for you. It takes about a day.

Note that there are two types of differentials on these cars.  Most of the automatic-equipped cars have bolt-in differentials, and some of the early manual-transmission cars do, too.  Replacing the differential on those cars is a straightforward affair.  Other cars have weld-in diffs, and that requires a bit more work and cost, since we have to have ring gear machined off the old differential.

In my next post, I'll talk about a CP-E front-mounted intercooler upgrade.  Check back in a few days.


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